Legal Excellence.

Dedication to Clients.

Commitment to High-Quality Service.

MarşanErezTuran Law Firm is an Istanbul-based law rm with lawyers located throughout Turkey. Our attorneys work at the intersection of law, technology and business, and we remain committed to our guiding principles, whcih are;

  • providing quality, high-class legal and client services;

  • developing diversity among our lawyers and staff;

  • fostering an environment that promotes an entrepreneurial spirit, collaboration and collegiality by drawing on the exceptional talents and varied experience of our lawyers;

  • using the highest technology to maximize the client satisfaction;

  • hiring and retaining exceptionally talented lawyers who possess the common trait of outstanding personal achievements.

We respond 

in 24 hours.

We only do what we know.

We use the

latest technology.

Throughout our history, we have stood
for an unrelenting commitment to quality and excellence in everything we do, and we leverage our core strengths to better serve our clients. We know that once the client is satis ed with the services, that client will be the most important volunteer to advirtise our business in the most valuable way that no money can buy.

We believe in a strong team spirit. Thus, in order to serve you better and faster we gather our team from enthusiastic and hard-working people. With the highest technology we have, our team is ready to serve you at all times for which we promise responding you in 24 hours for about all matters either through cellular or via e-mail.

Our clients know that every one of our clients is our best clients and they are an important part of our team. We are sure that we know what you want and what you expect. Your happiness is our ultimate goal and your any loss will be our biggest disappointment. We are fully committed to our most valuable teammate, our client.

Strong team, smart moves