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OECD Report shows the volume of counterfeit economy

Choosing a certain product is especially related to its trademark; established reputation gained by providing the same high quality products to consumers over the years is more valuable than its simple logo regardless of what industry the products belong to. Counterfeit products from cosmetics to clothing, electronics to jewelry, foodstuff to cleaning products could be offered to consumers for sale by imitating any established trademark and this directly infringes industrial property rights of real right owners

It cannot simply be thought that counterfeit products are only infringing the industrial property rights of real right owners. Beyond infringing industrial property rights of the trademark right owners, counterfeit producers pose risks to consumers’ health, safety and privacy by abusing consumers’ trust in established trademarks.

It is easily visible that Turkey is ranked highly in almost all of the industries regarding the counterfeits. The value of the fight against the counterfeit products may be understood in no uncertain terms considering this situation of the Turkey. It is evident that we are powerful and determined in this fight, taking into account the Industrial Property Law that came into force recently and steadfast actions taken against counterfeit products, Customs seizures and every other precaution taken. We have no doubt that these rankings could be lowered especially with the real right owner’s support on the actions we shall take.

This fight against the counterfeit producers is proven with experience to be more successful with systematic directing the actions taken against the counterfeit products. First and foremost, this fight starts by monitoring actions of the counterfeit producers closely. Therefore determining the trends of the counterfeit products released in the markets shall show us the industries of the products in which we need to increase the number of actions taken. You may see these ratios in the infographic that we’ve prepared for you even clearer.

Please check out the OECD website here to read the full report.

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